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Ok, I got it
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Dwa3weeS xp
Ushh!! xp להישאר עדיין
WelCoMe :D MnaWreeN
ChaT Ushhh ;x


MeSsenGeR :$
Orkut Scraps - Gothic

Orkut Scraps - Gothic

Orkut Scraps - Gothic

ChaT RuLeS xp
1. No 3gaD :x
      2. No SaB xp
3. No BoYs =D
ChaT PiCs :D
<<< 3shaN T'3aYrOoN El9oRa CoPy PaSte LinK MkaN EsM PicTuRe T7t ElNk
3aShaaaN T'3aYrooN NkaTcoM R39aaaaaW ElniCk,, '3aYrooH W ChooSe OK xp
3shaN T'3aYrooN Lo'3aT ElChaT   http://xat.com/language :$

ChaT RooMs
ChaT RooMs
1515 hits